Psychology works for COVID-19: Psychologists giving back to front line service providers (An Initiative of the Canadian Psychological Association)

One of the critical factors in responding to COVID-19 is to flatten the curve of transmission so fewer people get sick, fewer people get sick quickly and our health care systems and providers don’t get overwhelmed or sick themselves. There is tremendous burden on health care providers to care for those who become sick, particularly the subset of people who become very sick.  They face high volumes of patients, some of whom they fear they may not be able to successfully help because of limits on supplies – both human resource and protective personal and other medical equipment.

Canadians with COVID-19 depend on the expertise of our health providers. Their health and well-being are critical to them being able to deliver their expertise.  The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) would like to help.

The CPA is calling on all registered psychology practitioners to consider donating some of their time to provide psychological services to front line health care providers who may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed or distressed by being on the front lines of this health crisis. 

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